The Joy of Exercise

The Joy Of Exercise

One of the things that is the most misunderstood
about health is our physical fitness. As children, most
of us freely played and were in excellent condition. For 
some reason, many of us have lost even the desire to 
exercise. It is seen as burdensome, yet another thing to 
pack into our overloaded day. But it doesn’t have to be 
that way! Let us take a look at some ways to bring back the 
joy of exercise to our lives.

Take a look back

Think about when you were a child. What were your favorite
games? Were you in sports? What about your physical 
education classes did you like the most? These are good 
starting points. For example, when I was a child, our
dance classes in P.E. were fun, something I was good at.
Taking a ballroom dance class now would make sense.

Dream a little dream

Is there something you have always wanted to be able to do? 
Skydiving, swimming, racquetball? Wheelchair races? See if 
there is a beginner’s class near you, or even something 
related that could move you closer to your goal. Make a 
plan how you will get there, and write it down. Start slow, 
and work your way along. My sister wanted to run a marathon 
(when she got the idea, she was almost 100 pounds 
overweight). Well, a little over a year later, she ran her 
marathon! But it took a dream and a plan to get there.

Banish those demons

You know who I mean–those little voices that tell you, “you
can’t do that!–you are too (fat, thin, weak, clumsy, etc.),
and everyone will be STARING at you”. Well, they are wrong!
You have a perfect right to be or go anywhere you like, no 
matter how you look or feel you look to others. You are 
there to have fun! I will say this again:

You are REQUIRED to have FUN!

This is not about grinding out some predetermined number of
minutes to get some set heart rate and be miserable about it!
Please don’t start some program you hate so you can say you
are exercising–find something you LIKE! Remember the kids
in the playground? No one is MAKING them play!! (Perhaps
you need to spend some time with children and follow their

The joy of exercise

Physical fitness is about being able to do what you need to
do when you need to do it. Don’t let anyone, even yourself,
steal the joy of exercise from you! Dream, and plan out 
your new ideas. Go run around with your kids or grandkids.
You will find new energy, new ideas, and feel (not to 
mention look!) so much better. Isn’t that what health is

Have a fun day!