E2 Systems Announces Exercise Explorer Version 2: Software to Manage, Track, and Analyze Exercise

SILVERADO, CA – April 24, 2002 – E2 Systems’ Exercise Explorer Version 2 gives personal trainers a complete set of tools to administer workouts for their clients. It creates workouts, prints workout and exercise cards, tracks performance, and prints comprehensive progress reports that provide a rich set of deliverables that motivate and retain clients.

Version 2 makes generating workouts simple by using a wizard to go step by step through the process. Workouts are adjusted automatically to a client’s fitness level and ability, with flexible scheduling and equipment choices. Additional exercises may be added to the 325 in the system, and all printed reports and cards may be personalized with custom text and logos.

Workouts may target any combination of body regions or activities. This targeting is made possible by a relational database that has detailed analyses of all the exercises and over 100 activities ranging from archery to water skiing. 

The technical advisor for Exercise Explorer is Lawrence A. Golding, Ph. D., FASCM. Dr. Golding, a Distinguished Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Editor-in-Chief of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal, brings over 40 years of practical experience and knowledge to Exercise Explorer. In addition, an advisory board of fitness professionals contributes to the accuracy of the content. 

Exercise Explorer includes videos that demonstrate each exercise and body action, and over 40 minutes of instructive videos with Dr. Golding discussing exercise-related topics. Also included is a detailed anatomical muscle reference and an analysis of all activities and exercises.

Exercise Explorer is designed to be user friendly. Version 2 is currently available in a professional edition for individual trainers and trainers in a club environment. The Trainer Edition supports a single trainer, while the Club Edition supports multiple trainers. Personal and academic editions will be released soon. 

Founded in June 2000, E2 Systems has been developing Exercise Explorer Version 2 since the successful release of Version 1 last summer. Additional features and capabilities for the software are in development.